Super-Green Smokeless Motor Oil

Does Your Car Smoke?

If so, let SuperGreen SmokeLess Motor oil help your vehicle kick the habit.

Super-Green SmokeLess Motor Oil has been formulated using the highest quality full synthetic base oils and additives available. This oil not only refuses to smoke it will also give your car new life as it cleans sludge and varnish from your engine's pistons and rings. This innovative oil is eco-friendly and will reduce carbon emissions from your engine. The extended drain interval will actually lower your overall oil usage.

Here is how it works.

Most motor oils on the market today including the so-called full synthetic oils actually start their life as a petroleum carbon based oil that is pumped out of the ground. When the carbon based oil gets into a combustion chamber at 1200 Degrees it will smoke. When our oil gets into a combustion chamber it burns clean like the natural gas flame on your cooking stove. It is not magic it is chemistry that makes SuperGreen SmokeLess Oil Work.

SuperGreen SmokeLess Motor Oil

* Stops engine Smoke from oil Burning * Extends engine life * Cleans internal components * Reduces carbon emissions * 10,000 Mile oil change interval * Increases engine performance

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